Cyclone chain knockers

Renssi’s Seweri Collection includes cyclone chain tools. These tools have a wide size range and their cleaning power is suitable for even larger pipes. Cyclone chain tools are available with sleeve and t-slide connectors and with no carbide bits feature. Without carbide bits, the cleaning power comes from carbide coating. Sleeve cyclone chain tools come with a SR securing ring, which ensures tool’s tight hold on the cable. What is the difference with cyclone chain tools from other chain knockers? It’s effective and there’s no place for errors in adjustments. Using cyclone chain tools is also a matter of taste - some of our customers prefer cyclone chain tools’ efficiency and ease of use.



Tool identification - (WC)

Each of our products has an identifier that makes it easy to identify tools when ordering.
WC Tag indicates that the product is a cyclone chain knocker.

Cable size Ø - (1)

0 = 6mm 1 = 8mm 2 = 10mm 3 = 12mm

Pipe diameter Ø - (050)

The tools are designed to fit the tube size. The right size chain knocker cleans the pipe surface without damaging it.

Chain thickness - (4)

4 = 4mm chain and 5 = 5mm chain (applies only for Seweri chain knockers)