Quick lock chain knockers -

Renssi is known for Quick Lock chain knockers. Especially T-slide chain knockers are used internationally. Why to choose a Quick Lock chain knocker? It’s very easy to attach to a t-slide on the ready-to-use cable. Just click, and the tool is ready for action. You can also have the drill head feature in these chain knocker models.



Tool identification - (RS-T)

All tools have a product code that should be used when ordering the product.
RS-T and RS-WS-T tag tell that tool is quick lock chain knocker. Some of the circular chain knockers also have quick lock feature WC-T and WCNT-T.

Connector size Ø - (16)

Determines the diameter of the connector in T-chain knockers.

Pipe diameter Ø - (50)

The tools are designed to fit the tube size. The right size tool cleans the pipe surface without damaging it.

Chain thickness - 4

4 = 4mm chain 5 = 5mm chain

Additional code - (DR)

DR tells that the tool is equipped with drill or crush head.