Packers and push rods

Relining tools

Tool's identification

Every tool has its own code, which is used when ordering.
Packer assemblies and packer parts are found under code PP.
Push rods are found under code RA.
Pressure holders are found under code SS.


Renssi packer assembly

Material: Aluminium, POM

Size: Ø 30mm, Ø 40mm, Ø 60mm

Length: 720 mm

Middle bar size: Ø 8mm POM axle and Ø 10mm POM axle

Renssi push rod

Material: POM, steel connectors

Connectors: T-slide male and female

Diameter: Ø 10mm, Ø 16mm

Lenght: 1,5 meters

Renssi pressure holder

Material: POM

Size: Ø 40mm, Ø 60mm, Ø 90mm, Ø 140mm

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