Adapters and accessories

Connectors, rotator shafts, accessories and brush connectors for attaching tools to cables


Each of our products has an identifier that makes it easier to identify tools when ordering.
RA tag indicates the product is a connector.


Renssi Cable Connectors

Model: T-Slide connector

Material: Steel, Plastic

Connectors: 014 for centering device, 050 for 50mm centering device, 100 for 100mm centering device

Cable sizes: Ø 6mm cable, 8mm cable, Ø 10mm cable and Ø 12mm cable

Renssi Connectors

Model: T-Slide connector

Material: Steel

Connectors: T-connector male and female, T-connector diameters from 16mm to 20mm

T-slide diameter: Ø 16mm, Ø 20mm

Cable sizes: Ø 8mm cable, Ø 10mm cable and Ø 12mm cable

Renssi rotator shaft

Model: Rotator shaft

Material: Steel

Connectors: T-connector male to rotator shaft, bare cable to rotator shaft, crimped cable to rotator shaft

Connector diameter: Ø 16mm, Ø 20mm, Ø 22mm

Cable sizes: Ø 8mm cable, Ø 10mm cable and Ø 12mm cable. Ø 14mm crimped cable.

Renssi accessories

Model: T-Slide opening key

Material: Stainless steel

Function: Opens T-connector between tools

Renssi brush adapter

Material: Stainless steel

Model: Brush connector Ø 8mm diameter

Cable sizes: Ø 10mm cable ja Ø 12mm cable

Renssi Whip

Material: Steel, Cross Layer cable and plastic

Adapters available: T-slide whip female, T-slide whip male, adapter for 1/2 UNC thread

Cable sizes: Ø 8mm cable, Ø 10mm cable ja Ø 12mm cable

Purpose: Whip connects a tool to TS Cable, it's used with RCM Machines

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