Ready-to-use cable: TC, TS, ERC
Rotation cables and covers: RC, RCC


Each of our products has an identifier that makes it easy to identify tools when ordering.
TC, TS ja ERC tags indicate the product is a ready-to-use cable.
RC ja RCC tags indicate that the product is a rotating cable or cable cover.


Renssi TC ready-to-use cable

Material: Steel cable (RC), Steel sleeve and ball bearing, plastic cover (RCC)

Connector: T-connector male and female

Connector size: TC 1000 SERIES Ø 8mm cable, TC 2000 SERIES Ø 10 cable, TC 3000 SERIES Ø 12mm cable

Renssi TS ready-to-use cable

Material: Steel cable (RC), steel sleeve and ball bearing, plastic cover (RCC)

Connector size: TS 0000 SERIES Ø 6mm cable, 1000 SERIES Ø 8mm cable, TS 2000SERIES Ø 10mm cable, TS 3000SERIES Ø 12mm cable

Cable head size: 11 = TS-cable both ends crimped
01 = TS-cable with rotator end crimped
10 = TS-cable with tool end crimped
TS-cable is delivered without sleeves if the code for the wire ends is not indicated separately.

ERC ready-to-use cable

Material: Steel cable (RC), brass protection sleeve, rotator shaft, plastic shell (RCC) material PEX

Connector: rotator shaft

Connector size: ERC 0000 SERIES Ø 6mm cable, ERC 1000 SERIES Ø 8mm cable, ERC 2000 SERIES Ø 10mm cable, ERC 3000 SERIES Ø 12mm cable

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