Sleeve chain knockers -

Renssi Collection includes a wide range of sleeve chain knockers. Tool sizes start from 30mm and ends up to 200mm. In addition to regular sleeve chain knockers, Renssi offers also tools with drill head feature and tools without carbide. What makes the sleeve chain knocker to a great cleaning tool? It’s very easy to attach to the cable because of the little screws in the tool and you can adjust the diameter of tool as well. Renssi is a top sleeve chain knocker manufacturer - we have received the US patent to our sleeve chain tools in the USA!



Tool identification - (RS)

Every tool has its own code, which is used when ordering. Sleeve chain knockers are found under code RS, RS-WS and WS.

Cable size Ø - (1)

0 = 6mm 1 = 8mm 2 = 10mm 3 = 12mm

Pipe diameter Ø - (050)

Tools are designed to match the pipe size. Right size chain knocker cleans the pipe gently without harming the surfaces of the pipe.

Feature of chain - (/2)

Chain knockers have usually three chains but we have also few models with two chains and even with one chain. They are marked up with /2 or /1–codes.

Chain thickness - (4)

This code gives an information of the thickness of chain used in tool.
4 = 4mm chain 5 = 5mm chain

Information of tool- (DR)

WS stands for starbit tips on the chain.
DR stands for drill head feature. You can open up for example a lateral connection with it.
DR40 stands for DR40 drill head feature.
NC stands for a chain tool which has no carbide. These tools are designed for more gentle cleaning.

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