Threaded chain knockers

Renssi Collection includes threaded chain knocker tool, which has a UNC ½ thread. There are regular and cyclone models available. This tool is suitable for rotating machines and cables, which have a ½ UNC female end. Do you have a cleaning unit where’s ½ UNC female end? This tool is designed just for your gear.



Tool’s Indentification - (WS-I)

Every tool has its own code, which is used when ordering. Threaded chain knockers are found under code WS-I and WC-I.

Pipe diameter Ø - (100)

Tools are designed to match the pipe size. Right size chain knocker cleans the pipe gently without harming the surfaces of the pipe.

Chain thickness - (4)

This code gives an information of the thickness of chain used in tool. 4 = 4mm 5 = 5mm

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